Are you visiting Prague and looking for an activity to develop your creativity? Or perhaps you want to hide from the rain and enjoy an interesting activity? We have a great place for you right in the city center where you can enjoy your creativity as much as you want. Enameling of mugs, plates, sugar bowls, and more…


Enameling has a long history. Its origins go back to ancient lands of the Far East, but it was ancient Egypt that discover it and spread this technique into the world. Originally, the technique was used as a decorative element on a jewelry. It’s possible that even Cleopatra wore an enameled necklace.

Enameling didn’t reach the Czech Republic until the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries when it began to be used in iron casting.


Our first visit of the Enameling place was right after the Christmas. Baby Jesus brought us a gift voucher for enameling of mugs. Since we are not so creative, we were quite skeptical about that first. We made a reservation and off we were on the way to make our first mugs. It is not necessary to make a reservation, but the workshop can get a bit crowded, so be aware of that! Please note that the workshop accepts only cash (April 24, 2023). Don’t worry, the staff will explain everything to you and will be happy to provide you guidance and assistance through the whole creative process. Enameling is suitable for children, families, and adults.

The enameling place has a convenient location in the Prague’s city center. You can find it nearby the tram stop “Malostranské náměstí”. You can stop there on your walk through the Prague and combine the walk with some creativity. If crafting is not what you are into but you still like enameled products, there is a shop so you can purchase already finished products there.


· You can choose there from many products to decorate, such is a mug, bowl, sugar bowl…

· It’s good to have at least some idea of what you would like to make. You can get inspired at Enameling´s Facebook page. It will give you an idea and speed up the process, and you won’t waste time thinking about what to draw.

· Even simple looking designs can be difficult, and vice versa 🙂

· Expect that you won’t have your mug finished in 10 minutes. Creating your mug can take even over hour and a half.

Despite our initial fears of creating an enamel mug, we have left with a nicely made souvenir and with an unforgettable experience. We recommend this activity to everyone! 🙂

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