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Christmas wreaths

Last year, Anička and I visited a pumpkin arranging course from “Kytky od Pepy” (Flowers from Pepa). I really do enjoy courses where you don’t sit by the computer, but you do something creative. Not always the result is according to your expectations :D. But the relaxation, when you turn off your head from every …

Prague live local


Are you visiting Prague and looking for an activity to develop your creativity? Or perhaps you want to hide from the rain and enjoy an interesting activity? We have a great place for you right in the city center where you can enjoy your creativity as much as you want. Enameling of mugs, plates, sugar …

Prague live local


Our story has begun already at the era of “buzz cut and Jágr” (it is an expression for our hair do when we were little). We used to spend plenty of time together since we were little. Our families know each other, so we used to go for winter vacations, summer vacations by the sea …