Last year, Anička and I visited a pumpkin arranging course from “Kytky od Pepy(Flowers from Pepa). I really do enjoy courses where you don’t sit by the computer, but you do something creative. Not always the result is according to your expectations :D. But the relaxation, when you turn off your head from every day worries and do something “just by hands,” is enjoyable.

Since the pumpkin workshop turned out surprisingly well. We have decided to go for Christmas wreaths the following year.

Workshops from Pepa are great, in fact there is a capacity maximum of 12 people. Everyone has their own working space, and there is enough time for each person if they need any help. We also really like the guidance of the course by Domča and Zita, who complement each other perfectly and give the course the right atmosphere. And obviously, prosecco can´t be missing, and in winter, there’s always some good to drink to warm you up.

And now, regarding those Christmas wreaths… I must say, it’s quite a challenging (Míša say). Perhaps it could probably be because it was my first wreath ever. I guess if you make like ten of them, your hands will be working automatically 😀

In the first part of the workshop, you “wrap up” the straw wreath with branches and tight it all up with a wire. Then there is the more creative part coming, which is the decorating. And that was something for me. I had to hold myself back a looot to not turning my wreath into a circus performance 😀. I couldn´t decide if to make the wreath in a natural style (oranges, cinnamon…) or let my decorating skills go wild and go for gold. And YES, the gold was a winner.

I had some inspiration from Pinterest, but at the end, I did not follow that and decorated the wreath the way I liked it at that moment. But, of course, you can also find some inspiration on the internet if you don’t have any idea :).

Even for those who don´t fully trust themselves in handcrafts activities. The girls nicely guide you, and if something doesn´t go the way you want, they will help you to fix it:). The Christmas wreath workshop can also be a great tip for Christmas party for you and your friends. The workshop takes place in the Prague center (Kaprova Street), so you’re close enough to many places in case you want to jump for a glass of wine or dinner afterwards. You can also give the workshop as a present, they have gift vouchers.

And here is a little sneak peek into our workshop.

We can’t wait to visit this workshop again next year! Maybe we will decide to go with something totally new this time ☺.

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