Our story has begun already at the era of “buzz cut and Jágr” (it is an expression for our hair do when we were little). We used to spend plenty of time together since we were little. Our families know each other, so we used to go for winter vacations, summer vacations by the sea and spend weekends together. Because of that we have became a best friend and great travel buddies.. and this is how it all started :).

For making our friendship even stronger, we did attend the same high school, but different grade. During our high school time we finally went for our first vacation together. It was one day trip to London. We probably spend more time on the bus than exploring London, but it was definitely worth it.

After a high school we got a bit distanced for a while, and that was the time when Anička went to the United States, where she used to work as an Au pair. We had to celebrate our reunion magnificently. And which place is the best for a reunion of best friends? .. It´s Hawaii, of course!  To do not miss each other nowadays, we meet every morning in the office, where we work in the different field.

Since then, together we have visited so many amazing places, but there is no place like home. And our home is PRAGUE. From our own experiences we know that to explore the place and its beauty can be challenging. Every place has its own hidden beautiful parts, that are known just by local and usually they are not written in the tour guides.

Every time when we are about to travel somewhere, we do our own research. We scroll down photos on the internet, read articles from the locals and search for some interesting spots on the map. Because of that we have some ideas what places we would like to visit and what we would like to experience in there. Obviously, we cannot plan each our step. We love getting lost in a place we are just visiting, because sometimes the best places you find are found by coincidence.


That is why we have decided to show you Prague the way we see it, as a local. Come with us to explore our beloved Prague. We will show you historical monuments, the most stunning views and amazing parks. We will give you great advices for fine bistros, restaurants and delicious coffees from a local roasters.  Are you interested in culture and events? Prague has plenty to offer! PRAGUE LIVE LOCAL is for everyone, who wants to explore and meet Prague different way than just through the tour guides.

 If you are thinking about traveling to Prague or its surroundings and you wonder how to get here, where to be accommodated or what the schedule should be like… just text us! According to your needs we will prepare a schedule that will perfectly fits you! We will also help you to choose the right accommodation for you, perhaps even in the city center or in the quiet neighborhood.

Explore the heart of Europe with us!

Ann & Míša