If I would have to pick one meal of the day, it would have been breakfast. I love any kind of breakfast. Sweet kinds, fruity kinds, or the typical salty ones. The chilling morning vibes and sunny weather makes my beginning of the day way better!

I would love to meet my friends like this every time. Just having a brunch, chatting, enjoying the delicious brunch… exactly how it is in the movies. Actually, my reality is that me and my friend meet in the morning, just before our work time. We always choose a coffee place that opens at 8am, and we are always waiting by the main door for the place to be open (btw. I love these kinds of customers like us, haha) Since we have JUST one hour for enjoying the breakfast, we really don’t have time to waste.

If there is any breakfast lover as us, here you have some places that you can’t miss while your stay in Prague:

IF café

I remember when I´ve just started to visit this place. It was, I would say, one of the first fancy coffee places I visited. I really loved the way of serving coffee on that blue wooden tray. I felt like visiting such a fancy place. It was by the time when their only branch was on Tylovo náměstí (=square), and they used to serve just desserts. These desserts were totally different from the typical ones in other pastry shops. Later on, they started serving breakfasts as well and that is the time when I fell in love with breakfasts.

Currently the original IF café has been divided into If café and IPPA caffeé, the menus and desserts are still quite similar.

I usually get the omelets, but their little buns with vanilla sauce are worthy too. Desserts are innovative and delicious!


This place is just 5 minutes from my work office. I spend plenty of time having work meetings there. At this coffee place they use unusual ingredients and a mix of favors for their food. Once I had a pumpkin omelet and it was delicious.

I usually end up having French toast with mascarpone. But you never get the same one, they always put a seasonal fruit on top of it. I can´t forget to mention their delicious English breakfast.


Since talking about coffee places near my office in Prague 6, I definitely must mention Café Záhorský. I love their McZáhorák with an egg omelet.


This coffee place Laskavá (Prague 2) is exactly the one, where we are ready to go in at 8am. We are always waiting by the main door and can’t wait for the delicious breakfast.

It has become one of my favorites lately. The inside decorations are stunning, they have delicious food, and the staff is friendly. They also have outdoor seating in a lovely backyard. Whatever you decide to eat there, your expectations will be filled. The owner of this coffee place got inspired abroad, so you can see many variations of tastes :).


It is a tiny and cozy coffee place on Prague 7. You usually meet the owner of the coffee place. She really takes care of this place. It was probably the first coffee place, where I got charmed by design. It is a tiny place but definitely worth visiting. They offer delicious breakfasts, but also main dishes and lunch menus.


Not a long time ago I stumbled upon this hidden coffee place in Karlín (Prague 8). It is definitely worth visiting. They have plenty of breakfasts to choose from. I typically have chosen the sweet kind, and it was fantastic, and the portion was large. The serving was beautiful, I did like the dishes as well 🙂

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